[gst-devel] [new gst-editor] need help debugging

Brandon Lewis brandon_lewis at berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 2 20:19:49 CEST 2008

Work on gst-editor has stalled. I have hit an impasse that I am unsure how to 
resolve. I really feel like I need a gstreamer expert to help me sort out the 
issues I'm having. The UI is nearly feature complete. Users can construct 
pipelines of arbitrary complexity, using static, sometimes, or request pads. The 
pads are properly created and deleted in response to events, and you can add any 
element in the gstreamer registry to the editor's pipeline. I don't handle bins 
yet, but my thought was that recursive editing modes would be an easy way to 
take care of that. All that remains now is to improve the element browser and 
the property editor so that the application is a bit easier to use.

The problem is that while you can now build any pipeline you wish, many 
pipelines don't work, and it's not clear to me why. There is an example of one 
such pipeline on my website, equivalent to:

filesrc location=some_video_file ! decodebin ! ffmpegcolorspace ! autovideosink

If you try to construct this pipeline in the gst-editor and then run it, the 
pipeline goes into the playing state but no video window appears. As far as I 
can tell, I'm doing everything right in the back end. The editor will allow you 
to construct a similar pipeline that uses a videotestsrc and that works fine, or 
you can use a v4l2src, and that works fine. Another element that creates 
problems when added to the pipeline is videomixer. Is there something special 
about these elements?

My gst-editor can be found here. 

I have put the latest source  into a git repository, details are on the site.

Any help would be appreciated.

--Brandon Lewis

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