[gst-devel] HTTP pseudo-streaming

Florent fthiery at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:56:14 CEST 2008

Hi Julien,

For reference, you'll find:
* old sorenson codec encoded videos (h263), which are decoded with
ffdec_flv and demuxed with ffdemux_flv
* on2 vp6 videos, which need the ffdec_vp6f and demuxed with ffdemux_flv
* h264 videos, mp4 muxed. With some differences too: the mov's atom
(index) is traditionally at the end of the file; for "real" http
progressive streaming (without complete pre-buffering), some online
websites that do progressive h264 http streaming do move the atom at
the beginning of the file (using qt-faststart.c)

Looking at media center e.g. elisa code might help you with getting
original video files from websites such as youtube in the "classic"
fashion (i believe it uses youtube's public api for retrieving the

> Making your player so clever as to do that as well is another issue on
> which I can't really comment.

One would have to use the FLV's keyframe index as seeking reference
for the http src element. I already tried playing back an http hosted
video, without success. How does random access work ? When seeking the
source, is the index (moov atom/flv index) used at all ?


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