[gst-devel] Mac OSX -- Linking gstreamer in a relative path

Philip Joseph pjoseph at ureach.com
Mon Jun 9 23:03:55 CEST 2008


  I am developing a program on the Mac (Leopard) that links in Gstreamer.  I am
able to do this successfully in a fixed path.  But I would like the ability to
move the library files (.dylib's) and for me to point my program to that path. 
This unfortunately isn't working.  I have a tried a couple of different methods
to accomplish this:

1.  I tried using the install_name_tool to change all the referenced libraries'
paths to include @loader_path and @executable_path.
    -- I changed all referenced libraries' paths to be @loader_path/../libs/ and
moved all the library files into that path.  I also tried a variety of other
paths with @loader_path or @executable path.  None of these seemed to work.  I
frequently get this error:

  malloc: *** error for object 0x1021190: double free *** set a breakpoint in
malloc_error_break to debug

    -- Although something seems to have caused me to get this error:

(process:21573): GStreamer-WARNING **: The GStreamer function
gst_init_get_option_group() was
	called, but the GLib threading system has not been initialised
	yet, something that must happen before any other GLib function
	is called. The application needs to be fixed so that it calls
	   if (!g_thread_supported ()) g_thread_init(NULL);
	as very first thing in its main() function. Please file a bug
	against this application.

GThread-ERROR **: GThread system may only be initialized once.

2.  I tried using @loader_path and @executable_path in the configure tool when
building gstreamer, but it seems to forbid relative paths.
3.  I also tried changing the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable to point to the
directory I have the gstreamer libraries in.  When I run my program, it never
seems to find ANY of the dylibs.

  Does anyone have any experience in this?  Any advice would be very helpful.


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