[gst-devel] MP3, AAC and MPEG Audio codecs

Nitin Mahajan nitinm76 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 13:35:38 CEST 2008


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> Subject: RE: [gst-devel] MP3, AAC and MPEG Audio codecs
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> Date: Tuesday, 10 June, 2008, 4:29 PM
> Hi,
> Nothing is removed infact. You can play.
> Can u try
> gst-launch filesrc location=stream.mp3 ! mp3parse !
> ffdec_mp3 ! alsasink

This worked for me, the mp3 infact plays. How to play an MPEG4-AAC file using the same command?

> pls try to post error log to help better.

First time I actually played this through the Phonon Multimedia framework of QT, which reported me no suitable codec found. When I added the Ugly plugin, it could play mp3 but not AAC.
So I thought mp3 was played through libmad.


> Regards,
> Ramana
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> Subject: [gst-devel] MP3, AAC and MPEG Audio codecs
> HI!
> I tried to play MP3, AAC media files with gstreamer with
> gst-ffmpeg plugin. I could not play both of them.
> Whether MP3 and AAC have been removed from ffmpeg in
> gst-ffmpeg? If, yes whether it has been removed from
> configuration or through source code?
> >From Quality and legal perspectives which ones would be
> the right set of plugins for MP3, AAC and MPEG Audio for
> playback purpose?
> Thanks in advance
> regards
> -Nitin Mahajan
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