[gst-devel] problem with 8 channel interleaved audio over rtp

Tristan Matthews tristan at sat.qc.ca
Tue Jun 10 19:41:26 CEST 2008

Hi Mike,

Michael Smith wrote:
> This is probably (roughly) the right approach, but there are some
> problems. You want float audio (not int) - that's what vorbisenc
> requires. You want to set 'channel-positions' (not
> 'channel-position'). And I'm not sure if you can use channel positions
> from gst-launch, you might need to write an actual application.

You're right about the launch line not working for channel-positions, 
fortunately this was going into a C app anyway.
I ended up fixing the issue by setting the channel-positions argument of 
interleave to the 8 channel layout specified in 
(other layouts may work as well, I'm not sure), kind of like the 2 
channel example from gst-plugins-bad/tests/check/elements/interleave.c
Thanks for your help, and thanks also to slomo for some earlier feedback 
on this issue.


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