[gst-devel] Re : handling x-raw-gray/Y16 (16bits) signal

Daniel Fischer dan at f3c.com
Sun Jun 15 19:32:11 CEST 2008

Great, Albert.

Would you mind to share your improvements to dc1394src?


quoting Albert Costa <costa_albert at yahoo.fr>:
> Thanks for the answer Dan (forgot to reply on the list).
> I've done some more testing, since, to check why it won't work. And I finally found an error in my own dc1394 plugin, which in fact was not taking into account the y16 caps even though it was enumerated. So I fixed the pb, and now I can emit 16bits gray images over my pipeline.
> Regards,
> Al
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> quoting Albert Costa <costa_albert at yahoo.fr>:
> > My question is more 'can gstreamer handle Y16 in any of the plugins?', as it seems that none shows this one in their sink/src caps....
> seems not so, if none of the plugins announce it, then none handle it... You can maybe modify ffmpegcolorspace to accept it, but really what good would it be then? What you probably want is to construct your own analysis or at least gamma plugin that handles it.
> -dan
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