[gst-devel] speex/vorbis and rtp

Tomasz Grobelny tomasz at grobelny.oswiecenia.net
Sun Jun 15 22:51:23 CEST 2008

I tried sending Speex over UDP/RTP like that:
  $ gst-launch audiotestsrc ! audioconvert ! speexenc ! rtpspeexpay ! \
    udpsink host=localhost port=2000
(which seems to work fine) and receive it like that:
  $ LANG=C gst-launch -v udpsrc port=2000 ! rtpspeexdepay ! speexdec ! \ 
    audioconvert ! alsasink
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
    Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ...
    Setting pipeline to PLAYING ...
    New clock: GstSystemClock
    notification: This doesn't look like a Speex file
    ERROR: from element /pipeline0/speexdec0: Could not decode stream.
    Additional debug info:
    gstspeexdec.c(555): speex_dec_chain_parse_header (): /pipeline0/speexdec0:
    couldn't read header
    Execution ended after 5535478 ns.
    Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
    Setting pipeline to READY ...
    Setting pipeline to NULL ...
    FREEING pipeline ...

If I try Vorbis instead of Speex (on both ends) I get an error saying "Could 
not switch codebooks". What am I doing wrong?
Tomasz Grobelny

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