[gst-devel] Introducing : Insanity, a QA System for GStreamer

Edward Hervey edward.hervey at collabora.co.uk
Wed Jun 18 18:35:00 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

  Over the past months, with the kind sponsorship of Nokia, I have been
writing a new QA system, mainly aimed at GStreamer.
  It is based on the experiences of the Nokia/GStreamer QA team,
GStreamer developers and the (now deprecated) gst-media-test utility.

  It is available here:

   Insanity is a collection of several components :

   * the insanity python module (insanity/) containing:
     * base classes for tests and scenarios
     * logic for running the tests
     * database support for storing results
     * base classes for applications
   * A series of tests and scenarios (tests/)
   * Some command-line tools (bin/)
   * A django web interface (web/)
     * /!\ Still under development

  Due to its nature, people can easily write:
  * new tests (not limited to GStreamer)
  * new scenarios (reusing existing tests)
  * new testing clients (gtk client ?)
  * new database backends

  More information in the README file

  The results of test runs are sqlite db files containing all the
information required to view the results without having access to the
test classes.

  This also allows to have, as end goal, a central system (using the
under-development web interface) where we can store all the results,
view those results, check for regressions, etc...

  Testing, feedback, ideas, new tests/scenarios/clients are more than


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