[gst-devel] Fw: GStreamer

Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Thu Jun 19 11:59:41 CEST 2008

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 15:11 +0530, Bob wrote:
> I am encountering this error while executing an mp3 pipeline:

> C:\Program Files\Common Files\GStreamer\0.10\bin>gst-launch-0.10.exe
> filesrc location= C:\\Files\\bob.mp3 ! ffdec_mp3 ! audioconvert !
> audioresample ! directsoundsink

Don't use ffdec_mp3. Use either mad or flump3dec.

> ** (gst-launch-0.10:2140): WARNING **: Add decoder dsicinvideo (97)
> please 
> ** (gst-launch-0.10:2140): WARNING **: Add decoder gif (100) please
> (etc.)

This happens when you compile gst-ffmpeg against an external ffmpeg
library (instead of using the snapshot we ship with gst-ffmpeg). If you
do that, you're on your own. We only support gst-ffmpeg against the
internal snapshot (if this is a distro package, you might want to take
this up with whoever provided the package).

> OIL: ERROR liboilcpu.c 282: oil_cpu_i386_kernel_restrict_flags():
> Operating system is not known to support SSE.  Assuming it does, which
> might cause problems

I think this is fixed in a newer liboil.

> ERROR: from element /pipeline0/ffdec_mp30: Internal GStreamer error:
> negotiation problem.

negotiation problem: this usually means either that your pipeline is
wrong, or that you're missing a conversion element somewhere, or that
some element is getting buffers with no caps. 

> pipeline0/ffdec_mp30:
> ffdec_mp3: input format was not set before data start

Try putting a typefind or mp3parse element after filesrc. Better even:
use decodebin instead of making up your own pipelines.


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