[gst-devel] Patch review: eliminate duplicate GstMixerTrack names

Sam Morris sam at robots.org.uk
Thu Jun 19 12:22:17 CEST 2008

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 10:57 +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-06-14 at 18:42 +0100, Sam Morris wrote:
> > I've had a couple of patches attached to
> > <http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=528299> for a couple of
> > months now. Could someone please take a look at them?
> > 
> > They prevent two GstMixerTracks from having the same name--which is a
> > problem on my laptop: I have six tracks, three of which are called
> > "Input Source", and three of which are called "Capture". Without the
> > patch, gnome-volume-control can't tell the difference between them,
> > meaning that a user who wants to record sound has to fall back to using
> > alsamixer rather than gnome-volume-control.
> Really, I'd rather you filed a bug against the kernel, and nicely asked
> your ALSA developers to look at unbreaking the driver's labels, rather
> than adding more special casing in GStreamer or gnome-volume-control...

That's possible, but since there is already code in GstMixerTrack to
handle duplicate translated names it seemed logical to apply this
solution to handle untranslated names and also translated/untranslated
names of GstMixerOptions.

I get the feeling the ALSA developers do not consider this a problem;
the alsa-utils such as alsamixer already correctly handle the situation
by displaying the tracks to the user with the names "Capture", "Capture
1", "Capture 2".

Output from 'amixer controls':

        numid=16,iface=MIXER,name='Input Source'
        numid=17,iface=MIXER,name='Input Source',index=1
        numid=18,iface=MIXER,name='Input Source',index=2

But I can always ask. I'd just prefer to not have to wait until 2.6.28
for this laptop to be usable. :(

> Cheers
Sam Morris <sam at robots.org.uk>

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