[gst-devel] mime type of stream in playbin

Israël Prince-Béliveau ipbeliveau at classeaudio.com
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well, the thing is I've been able to use playbin instead of decodebin for everything in my software, but this. If I understand, I can do the same thing with decodebin but I have to do things manually(create every pads). All of my src streams are souphttpsrc. Do I have access to similar mechanism for uri handling, network buffering, end of stream, volume? Sorry for all the questions. The most simple thing for me would be to have some kind of message on the bus or a callback when the stream type as been found.

The instruction that you gave me, are they using decodebin? If I look at the example code on chapter 19, I don't see anything about buffers in there. I don't want to be reinveting the wheel neither.

Thanks a lot.


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Please get the Caps of the Coming Buffer using gst_buffer_get_caps
then get the structure of the caps using gst_caps_get_structure
and then use gst_structure_get_string(  temp, "media") to get the media type

this might help u 
if u need more info let me know 


On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 2:12 AM, Israël Prince-Béliveau <ipbeliveau at classeaudio.com> wrote:


I'd like to get the mime type of the stream for a playbin element. The thing is, I'd like to change the audio or video sink depending on the mime type.
Can anyone help me on this?



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