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Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Tue Jun 24 04:21:38 CEST 2008


The commit below breaks multiqueue for me, and the unit test doesn't
pass any more.

Further, afaik the extra-size-buffers property is deliberately
non-functional - it used to be implemented, and then was removed in
favour of just incrementally growing the queues up to the max-size. The
properties themselves were left as empty stubs to prevent breaking API.
The deprecation obviously needs to be documented better. 

I think the change should be reverted. Is there a specific problem it
solved for you?


On Sun, 2008-06-22 at 12:19 -0700, tvermeir at kemper.freedesktop.org
> CVS Root:       /cvs/gstreamer
> Module:         gstreamer
> Changes by:     tvermeir
> Date:           Sun Jun 22 2008  19:19:50 UTC
> Log message:
> 	* plugins/elements/gstmultiqueue.c:
> 	Add functionality to extra-size-buffers property.
> Modified files:
>     .               : ChangeLog
>     plugins/elements: gstmultiqueue.c
> Links:
> http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/gstreamer/gstreamer/ChangeLog.diff?r1=1.3934&r2=1.3935
> http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/gstreamer/gstreamer/plugins/elements/gstmultiqueue.c.diff?r1=1.33&r2=1.34
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