[gst-devel] How to specify type of sink or src pad in gstrtpbin

Sreejesh sreejesh at multitech.co.in
Fri Jun 27 07:36:53 CEST 2008

Hi Thomas,

You need to connect "pad-added" signal to "gstrtpbin".
Inside the pad-added signal handler, you need to link this pad to
"depayloader" pad. As you said, "recv_rtp_src_(id)_(ssrc)_(payload_type)" is
a dynamic pad.

You may also set proper "caps" for "udpsrc".

Sreejesh R B
Sr. Project Lead.
Multitech Software Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
Bangalore, India

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Yes I had.
But after I've startet my Receiver and Sender, this Signal was never sent.

I will send my Sender and Receiver SampleCode as soon as I'm at work


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> Hi Thomas,
> Thomas Winkler wrote:
> >
> > But what signal is the right signal for my pad-creation?
> >
> > gstrtbin has only: “request-pt-map”, “on-new-ssrc”, 
> > “on-ssrc-collision”, “on-ssrc-validated”, “on-ssrc-active”, 
> > “on-ssrc-sdes”, “on-bye-ssrc”, “on-bye-timeout”,
> “on-timeout”
> >
> Did you try "pad-added"? This is usually the signal to watch for when 
> pads are created dynamically.
> Best,
> Tristan

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