[gst-devel] I need approach

AlannY alanny at starlink.ru
Sun Jun 29 13:04:39 CEST 2008

Hi there.

I'm writing a program, which consists of 2 parts: filling structure and 
filter video with data from this structure ;-) It's easy to say, but not 
so easy to implement.

I found 2 ways to implement that program:
1. In my program fill structure and then grab video data with GStreamer 
with help of *fakesink*. After data filtered, pass new data to the 
*fakesrc* and mix video in container with GStremer. This way is good, 
but, as I can see - this way is not GStremer like ;-) So, there are 
second way:

2. In my program fill structure and than write a GStremer plugin, which 
will filter data with data from my structure. This approach is more 
GStremer based, but there are some questions I have.

Main question is: how to pass to custom plugin my structure. Maybe 
g_object_set will help me?

g_object_set (G_OBJECT (my_custom_plugin), "structure", &structure, NULL);

Currently I can't test it, so, if it will not work - tell me ;-)

Is there any better way to solve my problem(s)?

Thank you.

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