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Tim Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Thu Mar 6 10:21:11 CET 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 20:45 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:

> you are right. headers should not use config.h values. With you change though I
> get a build failure becasue of
> > more docs/gst/gstreamer-unused.txt
> Easy to fix. Should I file a core-blocker with patch?

Chances are that that will be more productive than spamming the mailing
list, so yes, please.

> now also gst-python fails with:
> cc1: warnings being treated as errors
> gst.c: In function '_wrap_gst_registry_xml_read_cache':
> gst.c:11875: warning: implicit declaration of function 'gst_registry_xml_read_cache'
> gst.c: In function '_wrap_gst_registry_xml_write_cache':
> gst.c:11891: warning: implicit declaration of function
> 'gst_registry_xml_write_cache'

That's either a bug in gst-python then that was never discovered or
fixed up for the binary registry case when the binary registry was
added, or the either/or declaration in the header was bogus in the
first place and we should just declare both read/write functions
regardless of which registry is actually used and add empty stubs
returning FALSE for the unused implementation to maintain full ABI/API
compatibility (I'm still not sure why/whether these functions are
exposed on purpose). The latter is probably less hassle, and we'll need
to do it anyway if we ever switch to the binary registry as default.
Dunno. File a bug.


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