[gst-devel] How to use both demuxer and decoder of gstreamer ffmpeg plugin

Ashutosh Gupta talktoashu at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 05:48:58 CET 2008

Hi all,
I want to use mpegps demuxer(libavformat) and mpeg12 decoder(libavcodec)
together with playbin. Decodebin identifies ffdec_mpeg12 but is not able to
attach mpegps demuxer.
Please tell the changes I need to make in ffmpeg so that I can use both
demuxer and decoder.

P.S. I ahve disable all the other features in ffmpeg configure. Only mpegps
demux, mpegvideo decoder(mpeg1/2), Mpeg4 decoder, h264 decoder.

Thanks and regards,
Ashutosh Gupta,
Sr. Software Engr.,
SLD Division,
Samsung India Software Operations,
66/1, Bagmaane Tech Park,
C.V. Raman Nagar
Phone: 41819999 Extn. 7206
"This I have seen in life - he who is over-cautious about himself,
falls into dangers at every step; he who is afraid of losing honour and
respect, gets only disgrace; he who is always afraid of loss, always
loses." - Swami Vivekananda
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