[gst-devel] Google Summer of Code: advanced OpenGL video mixer/renderer

Attila Áfra attila.afra at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 18:47:06 CET 2008

>  Indeed this is a very interesting project.
>  I myself am investigating a similar one, based on the clutter
>  framework (http://www.clutter-project.org) -- more animated video
>  compositing oriented ; it can do offscreen rendering, supports FBOs
>  and shaders already. Fluendo's Pigment API would be a very nice
>  starting point as well (i'd be surprised if a pigment-based gst video
>  mixing plugin isn't on a roadmap yet ;)
>  Would you mind giving more details ?

I would like to concentrate more on video processing, and less on mixing.
Usually a simple 2D alpha blending mixer is sufficient, and this is what I
intend to make.

If you need a more complex (perhaps 3D with lots of special effects) mixer
then you should implement that by yourself (or use a specialized library like
Pigment or Clutter) and tell my library to render the video into a
texture (similarly
to VMR's renderless mode) without using its simple mixing capabilites. This
way you can customize the mixer to your own needs.

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