[gst-devel] OABuild updated

Ole Andre Vadla Ravnås ole.andre.ravnas at tandberg.com
Wed Mar 26 03:13:32 CET 2008


For those of you interested in building GStreamer on Windows with an
MSVS toolchain I just thought I'd let you know that I've updated/redone
OABuild and updated the website at:


It's not yet as complete as the old version (no GTK+, Telepathy and .NET
bindings yet, although it comes with more GStreamer plugins), main changes
- Split up into multiple bazaar branches, one per module. The code is now
  mirrored in these branches, meaning that they have to be manually
  maintained to track upstream. (As I figured it's better to have something
  that always builds although it might not always be the most recent version,
  rather than breaking after a few weeks/months in case I don't have time
  to maintain it at times).
- Each branch has a quilt patch stack.
- Support for building binaries linked against msvcrt.dll as opposed to
  msvcr90[d].dll, for producing binaries without any additional runtime
- Requires MSVS2008 instead of 2005.

Feedback, testing and/or contributions like help in forward-porting modules
from OABuild v1 is most appreciated. :)

Best regards,
Ole André

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