[gst-devel] matroskamux on win32

tyggrysio tyggrysio at gazeta.pl
Fri Mar 28 14:56:00 CET 2008

  I would like to ask if there is everything all right with
matroskamux for win32? I am trying to use this plugin (from last CVS
HEAD repository) and I have something as output - output video is a
little bigger than source video (source is in h264 format), but it is
not a matroska file, I suppose so. When I try to play it in mplayer,
mplayer think that this is an h264 and not a matroska (and plays it as
h264). When I try to demux this output file (by mkvextract
application) - no track can be found.
My command is like:
filesrc location="in.h264" !
video/x-h264,height=480,width=640,framerate=5/1 ! matroskamux !
filesink location="out.mkv"

Are there any problems with this matroska plugin? Should I set some options?


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