[gst-devel] A question for avimux in gstreamer

Zhang Yanlong-PBVM47 PBVM47 at motorola.com
Fri May 9 09:36:45 CEST 2008

I have a question for avimux in gstreamer.
Pls look through the function "gst_avi_mux_audsink_set_caps" in file
There are following lines at the end of this function:
  avipad->parent.hdr.rate = avipad->auds.blockalign * avipad->auds.rate;
  avipad->parent.hdr.samplesize = avipad->auds.blockalign;
  avipad->parent.hdr.scale = 1;
My question is that why the program does "avipad->auds.blockalign *
avipad->auds.rate" when calculating avipad->parent.hdr.rate.
When I playback a avifile which is generated by gstreamer avimux (YUV420
video data and PCM audio data <depth: 16, width: 16, 2 channels>), the
time lapsesvery slowly on player (Windows media player). The time
progress bar just passes 1 second but the real time passes 4 seconds.
If I change the code to  "avipad->parent.hdr.rate = avipad->auds.rate;",
the file is played well.
So I am not sure if there is some problem at this point.
Thanks a lot.
Zhang yanlong

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