[gst-devel] GstBuffer metadata

Tomasz Grobelny tomasz at grobelny.oswiecenia.net
Mon May 19 22:21:47 CEST 2008

Dnia Monday 19 of May 2008, napisałeś:
> hi,
> Tomasz Grobelny schrieb:
> > I'm new to GStreamer but I've read a bit of documentation and still have
> > some unanswered questions. Namely: is it possible to associate arbitrary
> > metadata with given GstBuffer? I would like to tag each packet with
> > priority information depending on it's type (for example audio with
> > higher priority and video lower). Then I would use this metadata in
> > different plugin that will transmit GstBuffers to network (eg.
> > dccpsinkserver). The metadata should be ignored if given plugin cannot
> > understand it. Would that be possible? Thanks in advance,
> there is some discussion about exactly that feature on
> http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/wiki/BufferMetadata
Hmm... the discussion didn't seem to atract many participants. At least 
judging from the list of people who modified the page. And it was started 
quite some time ago. Does there exist any timeframe for implementing this 

> Maybe you can add your usecase there.
I could and I did. Based on this page I have a few notes:
1. Would such a change be possible in the stable series of GStreamer?
2. "Elements that can use the data need to know the name of the element that 
created it." - that seems to be quite a limiting approach. Maybe some kind 
of 'metadata type' would suffice?
3. As for invalidating metadata: maybe each 'metadata type' could have a 
default merging strategy (append, drop, min, max, etc.)?

BTW, thanks for the link - it gave me the idea of (ab)using offset field for 
my purpose.
Tomasz Grobelny

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