[gst-devel] MPEG-2 TS Muxing

Peter Maersk-Moller peter at maersk-moller.net
Tue May 27 10:27:08 CEST 2008


Trying to see if I can get gstreamer to encode a a/v source into a 
H.264/aac MPEG-2 TS stream. A/V encoding seems to work well, but the TS 
encoding part seems not to be supported.

I'm looking into copy some code from VLC to create a TS mux plugin, but 
would like to ask first,  if anyone else is working on something like 
that ? As I see it, we need to convert the two ES streams into to PES 
packet stream into a TS packet stream, which then could use either a UDP 
output plugin, a http server plugin (when finished) or a RTSP server 
plugin (if planned). So ES in PES in TS is needed. ES in PES in TS in 
RTP seems not to be widely used, so thsi is skipped.

However, we would also need to create PAT and PMT to make the stream 
useful for many applications (such as Set Top Boxes not quite as clever 
as Mplayer).

Best regards

Peter Maersk-Moller

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