[gst-devel] Filtered caps, setting bpp, depth

Ionut Dediu ionut.dediu at geminisols.ro
Wed May 21 09:35:47 CEST 2008

Hi, I'm executing the following:
gst-launch v4l2src !
video/x-raw-rgb,width=160,height=120,bpp=24,depth=24 !
ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink

and it gives me the following errors:

Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
Pipeline is live and does not need PREROLL ...
ERROR: from element /pipeline0/v4l2src0: Device '/dev/video0' cannot
capture at 160x120
Additional debug info:
v4l2src_calls.c(1194): gst_v4l2src_set_capture (): /pipeline0/v4l2src0:
Call to S_FMT failed for RGB3 @ 160x120: Invalid argument
ERROR: pipeline doesn't want to preroll.
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
Setting pipeline to READY ...
Setting pipeline to NULL ...
FREEING pipeline ...

So it seams like gstreamer tries to send to the webcam an RGB3 format,
although it specifically asked for an RGB 24 (bpp=24,depth=24). So how
can I filter the caps to use RGB24?

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