[gst-devel] Problems with my video source and avimux

Jonne Mäkinen jonnemakin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 14:40:19 CEST 2008

I'm having a problem when using my own videosource with the avimux and
filesink. For some reason the avi that gets created is broken.
My videosource inputs MPEG4 video, one frame per buffer. And I'm not using
any audio in the pipeline.
If I do videotestsrc -> avimux -> filesink everything works like it should
But if I do this MPEG4src -> avimux -> filesink , two things can happen:
If I abort the pipeline without letting it finish correctly, then an AVI
file gets created and I can play the video with e.g. VLC player. However the
fps of the video
isn't correct (it should be 15 frames per second but the playback speed is
almost double of that).
If I don't abort the pipeline and let the file get finished (setting
num-buffers of the source element to something like 100 or 300), then the
avi file that gets created cannot be opened with any video player.
So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be causing the
corruption of the AVI file. What kind of requirements are expected from the
video source for it to be able to work with avimux?

Any help is greatly appreciated

- Jonne Mäkinen
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