[gst-devel] video freeze while playing a file without audio

Chen Yong(Ever)[陈勇] yongchen at arcsoft.com.cn
Fri Sep 26 10:48:09 CEST 2008

	We write an application to create a pipeline, add connect all pads to all sinks,
and simply set pipeline status to playing. In fact, this problem also occur in other case, maybe we playback a mpeg file, but while forward scan with high-speed, we should send video only(I picture) , video is free zed, too.

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>Hi ,
       Can u please tell me how you are running pipeline ?  using
>gst-launch or using some application written by you  ?

>On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 6:15 AM, Chen Yong(Ever)[??] <
>yongchen at arcsoft.com.cn> wrote:

> Thanks your reply. In my example, we don't push any audio data to
> down-streaming element, only push video data, but video is freeezed.
> >Hi ,
> >
> >        When u don't have audio data in your container file then that time
> >don't create pad for that stream in plugin code i.e. dont try to push
> audio
> >data to next element .
> >      In your case what is happening is that you dont have audio data even
> >then you are trying to push some junk data to next element and in that
> case
> >next element is returning some other return value than GST_FLOW_OK  from
> its
> >chain function .
> >      To debug this just see return value of gst_pad_push( )  fucntion ,
> >this value should be GST_FLOW_OK .

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