[gst-devel] Adding TANDBERG Movi to the /apps list

Håvard Graff havard.graff at tandberg.com
Thu Apr 2 13:31:06 CEST 2009



I was wondering if it was possible to add our application (TANDBERG Movi) to the list here: http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/apps/


While the decision to use gstreamer was not an easy one, ("open-source" is like saying "non-synergy" to large corporations), two years down the line we are all very happy with it, and are looking forward to future releases tapping into even more of the possibilities such a great framework gives us. 


Bottom line is we love gstreamer, and would love to have our app associated with it. :-)


Maybe something like this:




TANDBERG Movi (http://www.tandberg.com/products/pc-video-conferencing.jsp) is a professional video conferencing system, supporting HD video and Echo Cancellation.





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