[gst-devel] audioconvert from channels=6 to channels=2

Vincent Génieux vincent.genieux at enensys.com
Fri Dec 4 10:54:56 CET 2009

> That's not possible with gst-launch, because when it parses those filter
> caps strings the channel position enum types won't be registered with
> the type system yet. It is possible in code though if you
> g_type_class_ref() the type yourself before you call gst_parse_launch(),
> or instantiate some element that does this for you, like audioconvert.
> Btw, in the second filter caps that should be 'endianness' (two s).
> But even if you made it work, this would downmix the 6 channels into
> stereo, not select the first two channels.
> You could try a combination of the interleave/deinterleave elements.

ok, thanks all for your answers.

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