[gst-devel] Problem in -ve play back

Sumanth V sumanth.v at allaboutif.com
Mon Jun 1 11:39:11 CEST 2009

Hi All,

     I am written an application for performing both FORWARD n REVERSE
operation on a TS file. I am able to perform a FORWARD operation. But when i
try to perform the -ve play back i.e REWIND operation, The frame is getting
Freezed.  The seek event i am pasing to the pipeline is

gst_element_seek(pipeline,-2.0,GST_FORMAT_TIME, GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH ,

Where am i going wrong in performing the -ve playback?? Are all the
parameter passed to the pipeline for performing -ve playback is correct?
I am passing the same seek event for performing the FORWARD operation with
the playback rate set to positive, and its working fine.

Thanks all,
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