[gst-devel] gstreamer and video device probing

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Mon Jun 1 13:05:11 CEST 2009

Filippo Argiolas schrieb:
> Now that HAL is going away I'm looking for a good replacement for the
> v4l device detection code in Cheese.
> At the moment we ask HAL to give us a list of devices from the
> video4linux subsystem and we do a couple of ioctls to see if the
> device is a v4l2 or v4l1 one and if it supports the CAPTURE
> capability. Those ioctls aren't really needed because HAL already does
> that stuff for us but I found it out only yesterday :P
> Anyway, the purpose of those ioctls is to exclude each non-webcam
> device (tuners, radios, vbis, etc) before to start the gstreamer
> pipeline.
> This way we can reduce a lot the time needed for device probing
> (starting a v4l*src pipeline can be quite slow) and we can avoid
> "garbage" in the device list.
> At first I thought I could just replace the HAL stuff with DeviceKit,
> but DeviceKit is going away too in favor of plain libudev [1].
Your patch needs to be applied by someone who can vaerify it. I have no
libudev in my distro :/
> So the next step should be to port Cheese to libudev, but as David
> suggested [2], why not to do the detection directly in Gstreamer?
> As far as I can tell the current option with Gstreamer is to use the
> PropertyProbe interface.
> But as it is at the moment it's suboptimal for our needs:
> - the device detection code in v4l?src just tries to open
> /dev/v4l/video* and /dev/video* devices. It doesn't even check the V4L
> api they support.
> Wouldn't be better to use libudev to enumerate all the devices from
> the video4linux subsystem?
I commented in the bug, maybe we should use this for all kind of
hardware sources and sinks.

> - there seems to be no way to get video device capabilities without
> starting a pipeline, both v4lsrc and v4l2src implement (and not in a
> good way) propertyprobe just for the "device" property. Would it be
> possible to use propertyprobe for "flags" property too? is it possible
> to fix a property (i.e. the device) and probe another one (i.e. the
> flags)?
> What I'd like to do is:
> pspec = gst_property_probe_get_property (probe, "device");
> GValueArray *array = gst_property_probe_probe_and_get_values (probe, pspec);
> for (i = 0; i < array->n_values; i++) {
>      g_object_set_property (G_OBJECT (element), "device", device);
>      pspec = gst_property_probe_get_property (probe, "flags");
>      /* get flags for the current device */
>      ...
> }
> Linking and playing a simple pipeline for each device just for exclude
> radios and tuners is not exactly optimal from my point of view.
I don't think it has to be played. You probably not even need to link it
as READY is enough for getting it to open the device.

> - there is no way to monitor new devices attached. At the moment we
> don't use such a thing but wouldn't be bad to have it. But does it fit
> in gstreamer purpose?
I don't think so, I use HAL in buzztard to detect devices. There is
nothing in gstreamer that is guaranteed to always run.

I hope other developers comment here too.

> A good solution would be a custom class for device detection, a bit
> like the one David suggested [2], that supports several backends (a
> libudev one for v4l devices, some win32 thing for win32 sources,
> freebsd, opensolaris, etc...).
> It could monitor new devices attached, retrieve supported capabilities
> (or maybe just filter them by capability directly in the monitor code)
> and maybe provide the best suited source element to access it.
> What do you think about it? Are there other users for this kind of
> stuff other than Cheese? Is Gstreamer the place for this probing?
> Is there anyone willing to actually implement it or help to implement it?
> Any suggestion or opinion welcome.
> Cheers,
> Filippo
> 1. http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/devkit-devel/2009-April/000140.html
> 2. http://marc.info/?l=linux-hotplug&m=124181585125194&w=2
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