[gst-devel] When not using the default GMainContext

Julien Isorce julien.isorce at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 12:27:53 CEST 2009


I join to this mail a minimal test that reproduce a problem.
The "end of stream" event is not handled by the bus_call callback,
when not using the default GMainContext.
I mean, I am doing :

context = g_main_context_new ();
loop = g_main_loop_new (context, FALSE);
g_main_context_unref (context);

instead of :

loop = g_main_loop_new (NULL, FALSE);

Compiled with: gcc -Wall $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gstreamer-0.10) main.c
-o main

(note that this is a minimal test, actually I am in a case where I have
several GMainLoop and with a different GMainContext for each loop)

Is it a gstreamer restriction (or bug) or I am using glib in a wrong way ?


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