[gst-devel] broadcast and mpge2-ts problem on gst-rtsp-server

王瑞 china_onion_boy at qq.com
Wed Jun 10 05:56:00 CEST 2009

Hi guys:
I am a student in China, I am trying to work on gst-rtsp-server, I can now put a mp4 video on the server and use vlc or totem to watch it, it works fine with vlc and even support trickplay for h264-encoded videos, wonderful !. That's better than vlc.
The problem is that I can't find the way to do broadcast, the rtsp-server seems to be written for vod, is it?
How can I broadcast a video?
for example, I have a video 1.mp4, if I want to do a vod, just use the test-mp4 to start the server, and use vlc/totem/gst-playbin to play the url rtsp://server:8554/test, If i now want to broadcast it and set a channel like vlc on the sdp rtsp://, what should I do?
If I want receive a live stream form rtsp:// , encoded in h264,  mpeg4aac,  and then retransmit to, how can I do?
I can just retransmit the video alone........ 

When I work on mp4, the exampe uses qtdemux to demux the file, and rtph264pay, rtpmp4apy as the payloader,  what can I use for a mpeg2-ts video?

Because of my poor English, it's veryhard for me to google it,  and few guys good at gstreamer on the chinese forum.
Can anyone help me? 
Tanks !.
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