[gst-devel] audio/x-raw-int and audio/x-raw-float

Guilherme grlongo.ireland at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 17:18:05 CEST 2009

Mates, I am sorry for bothering with a such newb question....

I am studying in a more depth way gstreamer and I had a little doubt 
understanding the audio types supported.

- What's the difference between audio/x-raw-int and audio/x-raw-float?
    *If I get a sound from alsa when I am using a microphone, is it the 
raw-int or raw-float?

I presume the analog to digital conversor will convert the spectrum into 
0's and 1's so it would be the raw-int type. So when the raw-float type 
is used?

Great tks..



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