[gst-devel] spectrum

Guilherme grlongo.ireland at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 17:26:03 CEST 2009

Kost, I am priv mailing you 'cause my question isn't anything regarding 
gst developmento.

I was reading the manual of the spectrum plugin and I notice your are 
one of the developer.

Could you give to me a little advice of your work? I am studying DSP own 
my own and I am having difficulties to understand the relation of the 
results given by the spectrum and the theory I'am learning.

 Putting the results in a graph, I can't understand what basis those 
values are based in.

For example.
   what the AUDIOFREQ=32000 means???

    The return values of the phase varies from (almost -2 to almost 2)

what does it means???

thanks for your attention!



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