[gst-devel] GStreamer get-together during the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller uraeus at gnome.org
Tue Jun 23 17:51:22 CEST 2009

Thought I should send out an update on the planned GStreamer meeting at
Gran Canaria. I am sorry for the delays in getting thing set in stone,
but I have been working with the GCDS organizers to get a room set aside
for us. This has turned out to be a bit harder than I anticipated. We
are currently shuffling things around and Monday and Thursday are still
the two days in the running. Monday was the top candidate, but it seems
GCDS has limited rooms available on Monday. On Thursday we have a crash
with Wim Taymans doing a tutorial, but we are looking at getting that

I keep you posted as soon as we got this sorted.


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