[gst-devel] Simple? Using prepare-xwindow-id with xvimagesink

E. Westbrook gstreamer at westbrook.com
Tue Jun 23 18:15:00 CEST 2009

Thanks for the help!  That observation got me pointed right.

Amusingly, I hadn't tried adjusting the height and width in the
XCreateSimpleWindow call -- just the origin.  So I assumed (wrongly) that my
created window was being disregarded by xvimagesink, when apparently it
wasn't.  Changing width/height, as you did, demonstrated that assumption to
be wrong, since xvimagesink would have to be getting those dimensions from
the created window.

The "real" problem, it turns out, is that unless told otherwise, the window
manager ignores the created x/y position (I use fluxbox, but I would wager
that other WMs behave this way too).

This code, after window creation and before mapping, apparently tells the WM
to bugger off:

unsigned long valuemask = CWOverrideRedirect;
> XSetWindowAttributes attributes;
> attributes.override_redirect = True;
> XChangeWindowAttributes(disp, win, valuemask, &attributes);

It now displays for me exactly as desired.  I also wanted the window without
decorations, and this achieves that result at the same time.

I've updated the example code at the previous URL which now works as
desired.  Hope this simple problem/solution example helps someone else
searching for this.

Thanks so much for the help!
E. Westbrook

PS - Thanks for the -lXt linking observation, that's fine for me too.

2009/6/23 Zhao, Halley <halley.zhao at intel.com>

>  When I run your sample
> I saw one window, which could adjust its size in XCreateSimpleWindow ().
> Isn’t it same on you side?
> I compile it use –lXt, instead of -lXtst
> And gdkwindow could do full-screen to hide window title to reach an undecorated
> window, is this what you need?
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