[gst-devel] EOS : which element should receive this signal?

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> Hi,
> i've a multithreaded soft that launchs several gstreamer pipelines. I
> store references to the created bus and pipelines in order to be able to
>  post eos signal and thus, properly stop the pipelines (and thread, etc)
> You've probably guessed that it doesn't work. The eos signal is well
> send and well received (the listening function properly handle the
> signal, stop the GMainLoop and tell me that everything is fine), but the
> produced files are unusable (i produce h264/mp4 files and the moov atom
> is not in the file).

Maybe you can post the relevant parts of your code in pastebin and let us
take a look.
 Also, what pipeline are you using? That will help us help you.

> If i launch the pipelines with gst-launch, everything is fine.
> So, i wonder whether i'm sending the eos to the proper element or not.
> I've tried these cases :
>  * send eos to the pipeline : doesn't work

Sending to the pipeline should work, you can use: gst_element_send_event
(pipeline, gst_event_new_eos()),
and then you should wait for the EOS to be posted at the bus. gst-launch
does exactly this, maybe you should take a look at its code

>  * send eos to the sink elements of the pipeline : KO
>  * send eos to the sources : KO
>  * send eos to all elements : KO
> any idea is welcome!
> cheers
> Florian
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