[gst-devel] EOS : which element should receive this signal?

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> thiagoss a écrit :
> >> Sending to the pipeline should work, you can use: gst_element_send_event
> >> (pipeline, gst_event_new_eos()),
> with your command, it works :
> gst_element_send_event (&*busIt->second, gst_event_new_eos());
> previously, i was doing : gst_bus_post( &*busIt->first,
> gst_message_new_eos( ( GstObject* ) &*busIt->second ) );
> busIt->first is a GstBus and ->second is a pipeline (GstElement).
> Is there any obvious reason i don't see to explain that it didn't work
> with my way?

Yes, if you look at the GstBus documentation we have "The
an object responsible for delivering
GstMessages in a first-in first-out way from the streaming threads to the

GstBus is used for delivering messages from the pipeline/elements to your
application, posting a message to the bus doesn't make the elements receive,
An EOS message is posted at the bus by an element to inform the application
that an EOS event has happened at the pipeline.

For sending/forcing EOS to the pipeline, you send an GstEvent to it. Take a
look at the following links for further details.


> Anyway, thanks for your help!
> cheers
> Florian
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