[gst-devel] synchronization in element with two sinks

Michael Joachimiak mjoachimiak at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 21:48:03 CET 2009

Hi Gurus,

I hope one can give mi some hint since I couldn't find any similar plugin

My setup is:

filesrc 0.yuv ----- videoparser framerate=30 ----  sink_left ( chain_left(){
push data to adapter_left ; run encode(); }  )

filesrc 1.yuv ----- videoparser framerate=30 ----  sink_right
(chain_right(){ push data to adapter_right; } )

How I can synchronize two sinks?
function encode (in chain left) takes more time then just pushing data (in
chain_right) thus chain right is always faster. And they jitter a lot.

I want to use this pipeline with livesource later.
How I can make chain_right to wait for chain_left?

I know that I can use timestamp, but how to perform waiting in the chain

Maybe this could work better using gst_MY_FILTER_collected function?
If yes, where I could find howto for writing muxers.

Even a small hint is a big hint for me.
Thanks a lot.

Your Sincerely
Michael Joachimiak
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