[gst-devel] strange CPU loading for audiotestsrc and filesrc

Viraj Karandikar virajk at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 07:49:12 CEST 2009


I am seeing some strange behaviour while doing CPU load measurement when
running gstreamer.
I am relying on uptime and idle time give by "cat /proc/uptime" to calculate
CPU load.
We have implemented custom audio source (dalsrc) and sink (dalsink) plugins
for our board (ARM9E on TI DM6446).
I am using gstreamer-0.10.24.

I have following two cases:
Case 1:
gst-launch audiotestsrc wave=silence is_live=true blocksize=160 !
! dalsink
Average CPU load over 5 minutes : 18%

Case 2:
gst-launch filesrc location="wa12fs1_8k_stereo.wav" blocksize=160 ! wavparse
! dalsink
Average CPU load over 5 minutes : 2%

I am not able to explain difference in CPU loading in above 2 cases.
Does anyone have any clue?

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