[gst-devel] [souphttpsrc] Proxy authentication not working

Ron McOuat rmcouat at smartt.com
Thu Oct 8 17:58:25 CEST 2009

Thanks for filling in more details Thomas. I need to work on this to 
isolate the problem to either souphttpsrc or the soup library. There has 
been activity lately in libsoup related to proxy handling update 2.27.2 
in the page at  
shows some details.

If you have the resources (time and programs loaded) it would be good if 
you could capture a tcpdump or wireshark session with filtering set to 
capture packets between your system and the proxy and then try the 
gst-launch. You can send that result to my email if you are okay with that.


Thomas Loewe wrote:
> Thanks for the fast response.
>> Just to ask the obvious the proxy user and password you are using is
>> correct?
> I see that the "soup_auth_authenticate (auth, src->proxy_id,
> src->proxy_pw);" is called with the correct user/pass, but the error message
> (407 Proxy Authentication Required) is the same also with wrong user/pass.
> Looks like no auth is send to the proxy.
>> Could you make a URL available to me for testing, the difficulty probably
>> is the proxy is inside your firewall.
> No, sorry. That's the internal proxy behind fw at work here.
> I could compile souphttpsrc if you have something to test. Version of
> libsoup is 2.26 running under xubuntu 9.04 and Squid 2.5 as proxy if this is
> interesting.
>> I can't tell from your message if the http://proxy is against the proxy=
>> or the location= property.
> I've set proxy=proxy and location=destination.
> Thank you,
> Thomas

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