[gst-devel] Need to use only 1 channel in recording

Ivan Tarapov itarapov at softerra.com
Wed Oct 14 18:23:09 CEST 2009

I'm new to gstreamer and this mailing list, so please don't blame me if I'm
breaking any rules.
I want to have a functionality in my application that would enable user to
record and playback voice messages. I use speex plugin for that purpose. I
have 2 problems:
1. For the purpose of recording I'm using the pipeline suggested in speexenc
example (speexenc - oggmux) and recording is done on 2 channels by default.
Due to the fact that device I'm developing for has a simple mono microphone,
the playback is done in only one channel, which is unpleasant. What do I
need to change to record in mono mode? There's a description of src pad for
     audio/x-speex, rate=(int)[ 6000, 48000 ], channels=(int)[ 1, 2 ]
and it has channels property. Do I need to change that? How do I do that?
I'm not too good with the concepts of pads yet.
2. When I record (even with gst-launch), the duration of the recording file
that is created is somewhat like 1 second shorter than the actual time I
keep recording on. I see such behaviour on my Ubuntu desktop and on
openembedded-based system. Is that a known problem? Is there a fix for that?
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