[gst-devel] Destructor of an element

Tiago Katcipis katcipis at inf.ufsc.br
Thu Oct 29 15:20:51 CET 2009

Looking at the GstAppSink code i found that i actually have to override the
finalize function on the GObject class. Sorry to bother, I'm not very used
with Gobject :-).

The GstAppSink code (on the class init function):

GObjectClass *gobject_class = (GObjectClass *) klass;
  GstBaseSinkClass *basesink_class = (GstBaseSinkClass *) klass;

  gobject_class->dispose = gst_app_sink_dispose;
  gobject_class->finalize = gst_app_sink_finalize;

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Tiago Katcipis <katcipis at inf.ufsc.br>wrote:

> I'm building an element that uses an external lib, and when my element is
> freed (it ref count reaches zero), i want to free some stuff of the external
> lib i use. I didn't find anything about a generic destructor function that i
> can override, so when my element is being freed i can free the resources
> that i was using on my plugin. Can anyone help me?
> best regards,
> Katcipis
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