[gst-devel] Problems with AV Sync with Open GL sink in Windows

Mark Sauer msauer2000 at yahoo.ca
Mon Sep 7 22:16:01 CEST 2009

I have built gstreamer, and the plugins using mingw.  

I would like to use gstreamer to create a platform independent player.  I
have found video sinks that work great in linux.  But in windows it seems
that all the sinks I have tried have some problems.

directdraw sink only takes rgb input, and does not support PAR corrections.
dshowvideosink - I cannot build this no matter how hard I try with mingw due
to the microsoft headers being nonstandard.  I have built it with visual
c++, but the resulting dll crashes gstreamer, so this is no good.
sdlvideosink - I managed to build it, but it does not create a video surface
in my test.
glimagesink - I built this, and it seemed to be quite promising.  It takes
YUV input, supports PAR locking, and PAR settings from the video decoders.

The problem I am having with glimagesink is that the audio and video tracks
are not in sync.  I am wondering if anyone has managed to get glimagesink to
work on Windows with the AV in sync, and if so how this was done.  And if
not if anyone has advice on how to fix it, or what video output sync I
should use for windows? 

It seems to me that a native Direct2D or Direct3D sync should be written for

I am fine with using the glimagesink as well though, and seems to have some
great features..  But obviously I need the video in sync with the audio.

Depending on the content I have had different problems.  One problem has the
video play for about 2 seconds, and then it goes black, which seems like it
is underrunning or buffering.  

The other problem has the video play fine along with the audio, but they are
just out of sync (by about 1/2 second).  I could correct the sync in this
case using "render-delay" property. 

But I don't think sync should be a problem, as there was no av sync problem
with the DirectDraw sink..

Thanks for any help.
Mark Sauer
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