[gst-devel] problem on freescale gstreamer plugin

Volter Yen volter619 at 163.com
Tue Sep 15 03:35:30 CEST 2009

Hi marc,
   I know this mailist is mainly focused on the opensource gstreamer items, but I think there are still many people on ti or freescale's hardware platform using partly the gstreamer opensource framework. and then they would be in this maillist too. when they notice this problem, they expirenced engineer would give me some hint on this issue.  Anyway, thank you for the reply.

在2009-09-14,"Marc Leeman" <marc.leeman at gmail.com> 写道:
>> I am working on freescale i.mx27 for mutltimedia application
>> developing,according to the requirement I should construct a decode pipe
>> and an encode pipe line at the same time.    It seem to impossibe that
>> using the freescale's decode and encode plugin at the same time. because
>You are probably asking the wrong mailinglist: you are plugins by
>Freescale that are not availble in GStreamer.
>[mleeman at bane gst-git]$ gst-inspect encode
>No such element or plugin 'encode'
>[mleeman at bane gst-git]$ gst-inspect decode
>No such element or plugin 'decode'
>> they need to open the '/dev/vpu'  when initialize the plugins for both
>> decode plugin and decode plugin,  but it is not permitted to do so,
>> then the systemIOinit() could not be finished, that is only one pipe
>> line is allowed.
>[mleeman at bane 20090811]$ find . -name '*.[ch]' |xargs grep systemIOinit
>[mleeman at bane 20090811]$ find . -name '*.[ch]' |xargs grep vpu
>Both show nothing.
>> has anyone meet  the similiar problem and how to work it out? please
>> give me some hint on it.  thank you!
>You seem to be confusing GStreamer with custom hardware drivers from
>what I make out from your post.
>  greetz, marc
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