[gst-devel] Using cairo/pixman for raw video in GStreamer

Rob Clark rob at ti.com
Fri Sep 18 13:05:25 CEST 2009

On Sep 11, 2009, at 12:02 PM, Benjamin Otte wrote:

> Hi,
> This is an idea that's been brewing in my head for a bit. After
> thinking about it for a while and poking some people on IRC, I'm
> pretty convinced it's the best way forward.

so..  is the proposal that you would pass a cairo_surface_t in the  
GstBuffer (GstVideoBuffer?)  Or would you continue to pass the buffer  
as just a byte ptr?

I'm curious if the cairo dependency would only be for elements that  
are touching pixels?  Or would platforms that have all the heavy  
lifting done on some sorts of hardware and/or coprocessor(s) also  
inherit this dependency?


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