[gst-devel] Reduce GstXvImageSink rendering when its window is invisible

Le, Yongnian yongnian.le at intel.com
Mon Dec 13 03:55:14 CET 2010


I am working on multimedia application development using gstreamer framework. There might be many cases that some window is invisible (for example other window is in full screen), its related XvImageSink is still busy on calling gst_xvimagesink_show_frame for video rendering. I am wondering that we could have optimization to detect additional "Obscured" xevent and reduce the rendering frequency to very low value, like 1 fps, if such window is obscured. In this way, we can save precious resources for most applications, like CPU and power, at the same time, having minimal impact to end user. Does that approach make sense? What do you guys think of it? Thanks a lot for your feedback and comments.

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