[gst-devel] Synchronising live audio from 2 different capture card

timothe jahan timothejahan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 15:00:57 CET 2010

I am thinking of setting up a multichannel live streaming solution using
Up to now my biggest unknown is the possibility to adjust gstreamer plugin
parameters on-the-fly, and especially one to control the pitch of an audio
resampler. I would need to change it either manually (myself during the
encoding) or via smart algorythm.

Does anyone woule have already done something like that ?

To understand the background:
I want to synchronise the audio from a multichannel audio card to the one of
a video capture card to eventually get the equivalent of a very expensive
video+multichannel audio card.
The idea would be to compare a reference audio channel on both card and
based on the result to speed up (a little bit !!) or slow down the channels
from the audio only card.

Many thanks,
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