[gst-devel] Gstreamer Giving Bad GC errors.

debojyoti.pal at wipro.com debojyoti.pal at wipro.com
Sat Feb 6 14:27:29 CET 2010

Actually, I am calling 
gst_x_overlay_set_xwindow_id (GST_X_OVERLAY (GST_MESSAGE_SRC (msg)),

when I am receiving this GST_IS_X_OVERLAY(GST_MESSAGE_SRC (msg)) in the

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In data sabato 6 febbraio 2010 10:51:15, Debsu ha scritto:
: > Thanks Nicole for your reply. I tried WA_NativeWindow but still
> GC and application crashing. But before application crashed after 5-6
> Next/Prev, now it crashes after 10-12 clicks on Next/Prev button.
> Deb
I cannot reproduce the error in my player, do you use set_xwindow_id
when you 
receive the prepare-xwindow-id message on the bus?

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