[gst-devel] Query on implementing Fast Forward using Gstreamer.

Rajesh Marathe rmarathe at i-rode.com
Wed Feb 10 06:58:16 CET 2010


I am trying to implement Fast Forward technique in my Gstreamer based
Player. I am using IMX27 based system and following versions of
Gstreamer code.

Gstreamer-core: 0.10.22
Base: 0.10.22
Good: 0.10.10

I am streaming the media from a remote server on to my device.

What is the best method to implement Fast Forward in the case of network
streams ? Is there a way, the application tells the remote side to give
only I-frames so that the display on the Player looks as if Fast
forwarding is being implemented. Does this need support from Encoder
too ?

Right now, I am trying to SEEK repeatedly using FLUSH and SKIP flags,
but every seek takes 4 seconds to complete and the inter-frame gap is 4
seconds which is too much for a Player. IS there a way to reduce this ?

Rajesh Marathe.

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