[gst-devel] matroskamux variable frame dimension problem

Tamas Korodi d853211 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 17:00:28 CET 2010


Is there any possibility to save matroska files containing h264 video stream
with variable frame dimensions?
I would like to save video streams from IP cams. It is possible to change
video resolution on the cameras, while I'm saving their streams with
Gstreamer. When I tried to put an Mpeg4 stream into a matroska container
with variable frame sizes, i was able to play that file. When I tried the
same thing, but with an h264 format i can't play the file, or i can't save
it either.
So are there any way to save variable frame resolution matroska files in
Gstreamer? If not, are you planning to implement it sometime?

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